leadership2030Extrait de "Leadership 2030" de George Vielmetter et Yvonne Sell :

1. The era of alpha-male leadership is over. Leaders who place themselves center stage and lead predominantly by coercing and pacesetting have a misguided understanding of the nature of leadership. They will not cope with the megatrend storm.

2. Leadership is a social practice. Leadership is not a set of fixed attributes possessed by certain people. It is a relationship, the nature of which depends on its context. It is a shared activity that results in shared knowledge, understanding, and meaning. Being a leader or a follower is not a dichotomy but is subject to constant flux : an individual can be a leader in one contexte and a follower in another.

3. The leader of the future is altrocentric. Altrocentric leadership is required in the light of the megatrends. Altrocentric leaders have a different self-image from that of alpha-male leaders. They do not seek the spotlight. They understand that leadership is a relationship and that the difference between leaders and followers is contextual.

A. Altrocentric leaders are characterized by values and inner strength. They possess empathy, ego-maturity, and intellectual curiosity, and they are open on an emotional level. They have a strong ethical perspective and a genuine concern for diversity.

5. Altrocentric leaders are adept at engaging stakeholders and at complex strategic thinking and execution. They understand the changing context in which their organizations exist, and they recognize the complex stakeholder community they serve. They engage in cross-boundary partnering and work with their organizations to co-create a powerful narrative. They provide bounded autonomy and develop effective senior leadership teams.